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Cindy the Supreme Surrogate Mother
       by SuperSizer

     Cindy McGowan is a 19 year old Freshman at City College majoring in Business.   College was about to let out for summer break and she was looking forward to sunbathing on the beach and surfing with her boyfriend, Michael Jonston.    She was your average typical teenager in most ways except for her figure, which was not quite so typical.   She was five feet, four inches tall with long dark reddish-brown hair and her other measurements were 36GG bust size, 24 inches around her waist and 35 inches around her hips.  At least she was before she was asked by her mother 8 months ago to help her cousin and her husband by being a surrogate mother for them as they could not have any children on their own.   She agreed to it and hoped it won't interfere with her classes.   It didn't and by the time she was showing she was very excited in carrying the baby and watching the changes that were occuring to her.  She then got the idea at seven months to be a surrogate mother for hire to other couples who couldn't have children on their own.   Her only problem was she didn't like the idea of doing it one at the time and wondered if there was any way to do it more often.   She asked her Biology Professor about it and found out from her that certain hormones kept that from occuring.   
         One day about a week before final exams as she was in the clinic at the college getting her monthly checkup at 8 months she metntioned to the doctor about being a surrogate mother for hire and if there was anything or anyone the doctor could recommend about letting people know that she was interested in being a surrogate mother.  She also asked the doctor the same question she asked her Biology Professor earlier about carrying more than one pregnancy.   The doctor said that she heard of a program there at the college hospital that was looking into that very subject, but that he had no other information other than the name of the doctor running it which he gladly gave her and wished her luck.   
         When finals were over Cindy went to the college hosptial and looked up the program and the name of the person in charge that she got from the doctor.   She finally found it and then went in to the receptionist.  "I am here about the program that Dr. Shirley Stephens is conducting.  Is there anyway I can see the doctor please?" she asked the receptionist.   The receptionist was busy and not looking up told her that she should wait in the lounge and that she would tell the doctor when the doctor came in from her rounds.   The receptionist was told to call the doctor immediately if anyone asked about the program and was visiably pregnant when they did because that was the type of subject the doctor was looking for.   Cindy fit both of the criteria, so when the doctor came back about an hour later and found Cindy waiting, she applogized to Cindy and let the receptionist know that she should have called her sooner.  
         As Cindy was shown into the doctor's office she was asked about her present pregnancy.  "This is a favor that I am doing for my cousin, Dr. Stephens." Cindy said, "but I would like to be a surrogate mother for other couples too.   My only problem is that I want to carry more than one baby at a time for more than one couple.  So multiple birthes won't work might get the babies mixed up.   So I heard about your program from my doctor at theclinic the other day and came here."   Dr. Stephens looked at Cindy for several moments then said, "you might be just the person I am looking for, but I can't use you until  at least a month after you have your baby then we can begin.  If that is you still want to, but the program is to last for two years with no guarantee, but the college would pay for all your medical expenses either way."  Cindy said that would be fine and made an appointment with the receptionist when she was to come back.
           The last month of the pregnancy seemed to go by very quickly for Cindy as she carried her cousin's baby to full term and gave birth to a baby boy.   She told her mother about her idea to be a surrogate mother, but not the other idea she had for it.   Her mother said she thought that would be a good way to help people and gave her blessing as long as it did not interfere with Cindy's schoolwork.
           Time passed as Cindy waited for appointment at the hospital, she went to the beach with Michael her boyfriend.  She sunbathed and surfed, which she had also done while pregnant, then she told him of her idea to be a surrogate mother and waited for his reaction.  Michael looked thoughtful for about 10 seconds then giving her a big kiss said he would love the idea as he liked being with her and seeing her pregnant with her cousin's baby. He told her the reason he didn't say anything before was he was not sure what she thought about it since they always used protection at her insistance before when they got intimate.  
          The day finally came for her appointment at the hospital, and when she got there she had lots of forms to fill out first then Dr. Stephens gave her several lab tests.  She was told to come back in a week and then they could go over the results.   Cindy left feeling tired but elated also as her wish was finally coming true.   At the appointed time Cindy came to see Dr. Stephens.
             "I am happy to tell you Cindy that the results came back better than I expected.   We can begin the treatments tomorrow at 8am.  The parents of the first baby you will be carrying are in the waiting room downstairs and want to meet and thank you for what you are doing for them." said Dr. Stephens.  She then lead Cindy down to meet the parents.   The next morning Cindy was artificially inseminated and told to return in 2 weeks just after classes started for the fall.
           When the day came Cindy found that the treatment had took and that she was pregnant.   Dr. Stephens said,  "Excellent!  The results look good so we can begin for next month's in semination with the new couple.  Then we will see if our research was correct and if our treatments do work or not."  Cindy was very happy to hear this and couldn't wait til the next time came so she could get pregnant again.
            The appointed time came a week after she met with the new parents and the same procedures were done again and hopefully the result would be the same.   At the 2 week appointment after the procedure she met a very exstatic Dr. Stephens who almost shouted, "IT WORKED!   You are diffently pregnant with the second baby and the first one is doing just fine.   The progran looks to be a susccess but we will know with the third procedure if that is true or not so keep up with your exercises and watch what you eat and we will see you next month."  Cindy was pleased and could not wait for the next appointment even though she felt no different as yet.
            The third month came and as she had with her first pregnancy she started showing a bulge in her tummy and asked Dr. Stephens if they would have any problems.  Dr. Stephens assured her that they would have no problems and the the third set of parents were happy to have Cindy as their surrogate mother.   So the procedure went off without any porblems and again 2 weeks later they got the news that they were hoping for.  As Cindy came into Dr. Stephens office, Dr. Stephens with a big smile on her face said, "Congratulations you are pregnant again!  How are you feeling carrying three babies one month apart?   Do you realise that this means we can go ahead with the next 2 years worth of proceures and studying you as you carrying all those babies to term.  I cannot beleive taht we did it and I want to thank you for all your help now and in the future."  Cindy was so happy she hugged Dr. Stephens and said through the tears, "Thank you Doctor.  I feel good and never so alive as I do now knowing what i am carrying will help all those parents that cannot have any children.  I guess I will see you next month for the next round right?"  "Yes most definitely!", said Dr. Stephens.   Cindy was so excited that she invited Michael over and they celebrated with dinner out and good times in.
          At the start of her fourth month Cindy noticed that her tummy was larger than it had been at the same time with her first pregnancy and that she looked almost 8 months along instead of 4.   So when she met with Dr. Stephens she asked her why she was so much bigger and was told, "You tummy will expand with each pregnancy normally so you are getting the increase in size from being both 4 months and 3 months along.  We allowed for this in the procedures so you should be able to expand big enough to hold all nine babies by the time you reach full term.  The only thing we are not sure of is just how big you will be by then, but we have several theories on that so that is why we are doing this.  If you want to back out now Iwill understand and the college will still cover all the expenses for you to go to term with all the ones you are carrying now and we will keep studying you for the rest of the time to try and get any data we can for improvements, but I hope you will continue with it for the entire 2 years though."  Cindy thought about the idea of being larger than before and decided that she would continue with it as she was curious abot it too, "Ok, Dr. Stephens I want to go all the way for 2 years so lets get going."
She went throught the same procedures again and was wondering how to tell Michael about how big she probably will get and decided that he would love not knowing until he saw her.
          The fifth month sarted with her noticing tha tshe was so large that she looked to be pregnant with sextuplets at about 7 months.  "My my I am getting big aren't I", she thought happily as she waddled down to the hospital for her next procedure.  Then she thought, "I hope my mother will be ok with this she hasn't seen me for the last 2 months so I hope she doesn't get too shocked."   Dr. Stephens was waitign for her and said that she was coming along fine with the little ones Cindy was already carrying and that they could go ahead with the next one.  Afterwords, Cindy thought she also needed new maternity clothes because the ones he ahd she was out growing already.  So off to the maternity store she went.
          Her mother when she had seen the changes in Cindy looked at her and said, "I hope this means you are helping out several couples and not just one.   If you are happy this way and it won't hurt you any then I am ok with it, Cindy."  Then she gave her a big hug and kiss and that was all that was said about it other than her cousin was happy with their baby boy and were thinking of having another so Cindy gave her mom Dr. Stephens name and phone number at the hospital.
         The next several months was more of the same until the nineth month.  Cindy got up that morning and looked down at her enormous tummy that seemed to fill the room, but was not really that big but still measured more than twice her height around where her waist used to be.  The theory that she would get bigger by the amount she would normally gain by each pregnancy seperately and then totaled together was the one that was proven and the one she was having to deal with the effects now.
          She put on her maternity clothes that were modified to fit her present figure, then waddle out to the hospital with her tummy jiggling and bouncing with every step she took.   All the while she was smiling and looking at the reactions of the other students and patients as she went by showing her enormous tummy off.   She loved the feel of all the little lives she was carrying and how she looked and the feel of her tummy as her boyfriens and her made love at night at times.  Yes he was truely as good as his word and he said he couldn't wait til they got married so he could have the pleasureof trying to do the same thing to her then as was happening now.  He truely loved her new shape.   
            Dr. Stephens met her at the door and said, "Well this is the time we find out what happens next.  After we get you pregnant with this one you will have nine babies in there and we will see how giving birth to the first one goes.  All the parents can't wait to see the results of course."  "After I give birth when I get pregnant again will I get any Bigger?", asked Cindy.  "Not really the size you are now will stay until you give birth to enough that you no longer have that many to justify you bodies keeping you that large so theory goes that when you have 6 to go with no new ones coming in that you will go down in size til you get the size of a normal 9 month pregnancy just before you give birth to that one.  So I wouldn't worry about it," said Dr.Stephens.   "Ok Dr. Stephens then lets get the show on the road then.  I can't wait to get pregnant again," Cindy said smiling. and rubbing her tummy protectively.
           Cindy went into labor with the first baby less than a week later and had no complications.  The baby was a healthy little girl and the parents were so pleased that they volunteered again for a spot later in the test so they could have a little sister or brother for their new baby.  Cindy was so happy she hugged both parents as best as she could be the size she was.
           Summer break was coming up and Dr. Srephens said she could do anything that she did normally except for going surfing because she didn't want anything to happen unexpectantly that could invalidate the results.   She said that Cindy and her boyfriend could have sex as long as they took the normal precautions they always did.   Also that the program would run during the summer so Cindy should still come in for her treatments.
            Cindy went down to the beach with Michael and her new bikini that was made for her so she could help support her slightly pregnant tummy as she said it.   She couldn't wait to get there and start sunbathing especially with Michael there to help rub on the sunscreen.   When they were there for less than an hour Cindy noticed that all the other people at the beach were staring at her and her pregnant tummy.   So she smiled and waved at them, and rolled over to tan the other side for a while.   On the way home she told Michael what the doctor had said and asked if he wanted to make love when they got to his place.   Michael almost lost control of the car when she asked him and then said yes and drove very carefully home.
             The summer went by with Cindy having given birth to 3 more babies, two boys and a girl.  She was also impregnated again 3 more times always keeping nine babies in her tummy at any time.  When the next semester at the college strarted she was ready to start her junior year knowing that at the end of the next summer she would no longer be impregnated once a month until all the babies she was then carrying were born. so far no complications had arisen other than she was always eating and had a hard time finding clothes to fit her new figure.  Michael was always there for her and he was enjoying helping her and making her feel wanted and needed.
               Dr. Stephens was ecstatically happy about all the results and data that they were getting from Cindy's pregnancies.  She told Cindy one day about the time Cindy was giving birth to the 15th baby, a little girl, that, "I cannot believe that you have stuck it out this long and that you are extremely good about following the excercises and all the other precautions we laid out for you.  I wish all my other patients did that."  "Well Dr. Stephens I love being pregnant and I know ll the babies will have good homes and loving parents so I don't mind all the regulations you gave me to do it helped keep me healthy to do this.  I am also glad to help," replied Cindy.
               One month before the beginning of her senior year the first of the last nine babies Cindy was carrying for the program was born, a healthy baby boy.  Two months later when the one for that month was born she noticed that her tummy was a bit smaller.  She knew then that her time as a multiple surrogate mother was coming to an end.  By April the last month she looked no bigger than she did when she ahd her cousin's first baby.   It was also in this month that Michael finally proposed to her and she accepted so they set a wedding date for late June that summer after she graduated.   
                The wedding went off with out any problems.   There were a lot of families not related to her or Michael present at the wedding with a lot of little toddlers and babies present also.   They went to one of their favorite spots for their honeymoon and then when they did all that newly weds do at this time, they then had to return back to their every day lives.  
              About a 3 weeks after the wedding Cindy was working at one of the big firms in town when she got a call from of all people Dr. Stephens.  "Congratulations on getting married Cindy and on the new job.  I was wondering if you could come down for a checkup some time next week so we can go over the final results of the program," Dr. Stephens asked.  "Let me check with my supervisor and I will get back with you Dr. Stephens," Cindy replied.  So she checked with her supervisor and set a date for the visit.
               On the day of the visit she was awakened by Michael whispering, "Time to get up Mrs. Jonston you don't want to be late today."   He then gave her a kiss on the cheek that soon turned into a little more pleasurable activity.  When they finished she got dressed and went to the hospital with Michael as he wanted to be with her for the results.
               Cindy went through several more exams and other lab tests while Michael sat in the waiting room and read some magazines waiting for her to appear.   When she was done she went out into the waiting room and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheekand sat down with him and waited for the doctor.   About two hours later Dr. Stephens came into the waiting room and lead them to a conference room and went over the results with them.   "All the tests came back giving you a clean bill of health Cindy.  But I have some good news you both might want to know.  You are going to be parents!  Cindy you are about three weeks pregnant so it had to have happened some time during your honeymoon I would imagine," Dr. Stephens told them happily.   Cindy had a big smile on her face and Michael was a little shocked, but when Cindy kissed him, he smiled too and hugged her close.  "You need to remember to take care of yourself now Cindy," Dr.Stephens said, "Because you are now having one of your own it should not be a problem as far as you and the program are concerned.  It should be a nice normal pregnancy and I would consider it an honor to be your doctor, or if you like I could recommend one for you."  "I would like you to be my doctor," Cindy stated, "I like the way we get along and I am familiar with you. If that is ok with you Michael dear?"  " It is fine by me Cindy," said Michael, "I just can't beleive we are going to be parents."
              They called Cindy's mother and father and then called Michael's parents as soon as they got home with the news.   Everyone thought they would be good parents.
               By the time Cindy was showing in her third month she and Michael were hard at work at their respective jobs durign the day and having lots of sex at night because being Cindy's being pregnant really turned both of them on.  They also made their monthly visits to Dr. Stephens' office were she kept them informed as to how Cindy and the baby were doing.   By the time Cindy was starting her fourth month she noticed that she was a little larger than normal but put it down to not exercising as much as she should because of work.  On her visit to the doctor's office that month she and Michael got a shock.  They weren't expecting one but two babies.  Then Dr. Stephens gave them the other shock, "Cindy you and Michael are really expecting 4 babies but they are one month apart just like in the program wejust finished.  Obviously it is an unexpected side effect of the procedures that we did then.  I hope you are not too disappointed?"   Cindy looked at Michael and Michael looked at Cindy and then they both turned to Dr. Stephens and said almost in unison, "We always wanted a big family but we never expected it quite this way.  Is there any chance it will continue doctor?"  "I can't really say at this point, but it might and it just might be permanent and you could stay pregnant like in this for the rest of your fertile years Cindy," Dr. Stephens stated, "So we will be running tests to determine this."   "This may be a blessing in disguise doctor.  I still won't mind being a surrogate mother with every once in a while one of my own children in there too.  Just think, honey, I could always be pregnant for you and by you too," Cindy said with a gleam in her eyes.  "I think I could get used to that idea Cindy.  i always liked you like that so let's go for it," said Michael enthusiasticly.
              They made arrangements with Dr. Stephens about lining up some prospective parents and then went home and celebrated.
              This all happened about six years ago and I am happy to report that Cindy is very pregnant at any time carrying nine babies one month apart and enjoying every minute of it and Michael is a very loving husband and father of their six children , four of which were born one month apart whilr the other two came one year after that then two years after that one.  Cindy loves all the hope she can give to all the familie that want children and can't have any of their own, as well as enjoying all the love of her husband family and growing list of friends.

                            THE END
Here is the story I promised about Cindy. It is an idea I had about a couple of years ago and just never went anywhere with it. Please excuse any mispellings and all characters are fictional. Enjoy
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